EB-3 Processing Chart 
Step One – Contract Signing 
1. Applicant to supply copy of his/her passport biographic page (typically page 1). 
2. Applicant to completely fill out and sign Application Questionnaire. 
3. Applicant makes first payment. 
Step Two – File Labor Certification (PERM) Application Form 9089 
1. Attorney prepares relevant documents to submit PERM. 
2. PERM takes 6-8 months to process. 
3. Upon approval, Applicant makes second payment. 
Step Three – Submit Alien Worker Petition Form I-140 to USCIS 
1. Attorney prepares I-140 petition related documents and submits to USCIS. 
      a. I-140 approval normally takes 6 months to process with a filing fee of $580*. 
      b. Applicant may pay an additional $1,225* premium processing fee to expedite the process. It will take 2 months to get approved. 
2. Upon approval, Applicant makes third payment. 
Step Four – Submit Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Form DS-260 
1. 1-2 months after I-140 petition is approved, National Visa Center (NVC) will notify applicant to pay visa fee bill. Immigrant visa processing fee (Visa Fee Bill) is $345* per person. 
2. Applicant and each family member prepare birth certificate, Police certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable). All documents must be translated to English and notarized by the government. 
3. Applicant to completely fill out DS-260 for attorney to submit to NVC. 
Step Five - Interview 
1. Within 1-2 months, NVC completes immigrant visa processing package and sends the package to the U.S. Consulate. 
2. Upon receiving of the package, U.S. Consulate starts processing background check. 
3. Within 2-4 months, U.S. Consulate notifies applicant for interview. 
4. Applicant and family members completes medical examination and police certificate before the interview. 
5. Before the interview, Applicant must pay the balance before issuing employer’s employment offer letter. 
6. Applicant and family member go to interview with medical examination report and employment offer letter. 
* Fees are subject to change according to the official website Feb2015 
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